Different Pipe Shaping Machine Tools

Push slip style around to flat pipe forming machine has to, basically, to shape around round pipe into flat pipe, and square pipe into round pipe, internally rotate round pipe into square pipe, to reshape square pipe into round pipe and then, convert flat pipe into round pipe. The equipment adopted adopts roller, horizontal roller that are both installed on same horizontal plane. It includes three cylindrical metal cylinders that spin in circular motion while the operator presses them at the end of the pipe. These cylinders produce a lifting action that lifts up the cylinder bottom from the horizontal plane. This action also produces a deformed area on top of the cylinder face where the pipe is being formed.

Pipe Forming Machine

This type of pipe manufacturing equipment is utilized for various pipe manufacturing processes such as hot forming, bending, twisting, coiling and squaring. It includes high-powered electric screw machines, which can perform a variety of pipe operations rapidly and accurately. Another type is the pipe clamping die where a heavy welding rod with tungsten hooking is fitted to the machine. In this machine there is a small hand-held torch that lets the operator to do all the welding operations. Moreover, pipe testing machines or PCM utilize electric current to provide accurate measurements.

Another machine called bending forming and bending machines or fastening die is also used to manufacture pipe by means of a die. It includes a cone shaped die and a mandrel in its core. The cone is fitted to the mandrel with a wrench. When a load is applied to the mandrel the bending action of the cone and the wrench push the threaded portion of the rod or the die to the side lengthwise of the mandrel. Thereafter the rod or the die gets pressed to the wall thickness of the machine unit.

Hydraulic shaping machines are mainly used to manufacture round pipe and square pipe by means of hydraulic pistons. This type of pipe manufacturing equipment is usually run with an engine. Nevertheless, you may also find some hydraulic pipe units that are operated manually.

Xl Flange Machines: These types of pipe manufacturing machines are basically used to cut, shape and bend pipes of different sizes. They are mostly employed in the pipe fabrication industries and they produce the best quality products at the lowest prices. The most common machine types include the table, straight, bended and sloped bended pipe sections. Xl flange machines can also be utilized to manufacture corrugated steel and heavy gauge pipe.

Pipe bender machines: If your business is in need of having pre-stressed spiral pipe equipment for seamless pipe joining, then you should consider investing in one. This type of machine will help you in the proper joining process of pre-stressed spiral threads. There are many types of bender machines that you can invest in. Among the most common types include the rotary, screw and sleeve bender. You can also find some types of pipe benders that have an integrated digital control system.