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Pipe Making Machines

A hydro-static pressure testing machine (HSPM) is a machine tool used to inspect pipe joints for blockages & ensure they are fully watertight. The tool has the capability to inspect pipe either during normal machine operation, while machine running, & immediately after draining & passing through the pipe. This enables the engineer to easily identify the problem area and fix it accordingly. This device comes with a variety of measuring pipes & can be connected to water supply for performing the tests. To facilitate better performance, most of the HSPMs come with an automatic control system.

In the past, pipe manufacturing companies used manually operated & manual tested pipes for manufacturing & finishing operations. With the progress in technology, these days, companies utilize automatic pipe making machines for handling all kinds of industrial pipe manufacturing operations. For manufacturing pipes & fitting, you need high quality raw materials like rolled & drawn pipes, coatings & materials etc. These pipes have to undergo several tests before being manufactured. The manufacturer needs to check the pipe for its suitability before manufacturing it.

Before manufacturing pipes, manufacturers perform a series of tests to ensure that the product is fit for purpose. The tests also include hydrostatic pipe testing machines to identify the exact location of excess water. This test is done before manufacturing pipes, to ensure that there is no crack or other damage to the pipes during production & quality checking. During hydrostatic pipe testing machines are used to evaluate the resistance of the pipes against water pressure applied to it. This test is useful for finding out the exact amount of water flowing through a pipe and to know its failure.

Pipe forming machines perform several types of operations, such as drilling, coiling, seaming and flaring, bending and sealing etc. The main function of these machines is to manufacture pipes of various diameters at desired shapes & sizes. Various pipe testing & inspection machines are available in the market today. These Pipe forming machines consist of hydraulics, which determine the working conditions in pipe-making operations.

Hydraulic cylinder driven forming machines are typically used for short duration pipe fabrication work. This includes filling & filling materials, shrink wrapping & shrink tape application, etc. Hydraulic cylinder fed forming machines possess a variety of features, which make them more efficient than electric or manual forming machines. These machines feature a single continuous drive electric motor, which makes them extremely user friendly. Also, they are extremely durable and give better performance than either manual or electric forming machines.

Another type of machinery used for making pipes are pipe bending machines. These machines use both hydraulic & non-hydrolic means for welding & manufacturing pipes. The most commonly used method of machine operation is water-jetting method, which is used for welding pipes. They can also be called as wire roll forming & tube bending machines.