A Pip Milligan Mystery – A Book Review

Pip Mill is a charming, older version of the Disney/Pixar character, Mickey. Because he was given life by his creator, it is easy to feel sympathy for this little old fellow who has lived his entire life in a small neat house on a quiet street. But when you meet Pip, you see that his life is not quite so simple. This gentle giant is a throwback to an earlier age, when people knew exactly what they were getting into and there was no such thing as “free money.”

Pip Mill

Pip is our newscaster, covering the trials and triumphs of everyday life for our country and others; although he enjoys the occasional glass of wine and feels very proud when he succeeds at something, like winning the election to become governor of California. He loves his job, but the lure of a day trip to the idyllic little village of Honeymoon Island may seem to beckon once in a while. When the opportunity comes up, though, he gets up from his desk and drives to the edge of the cliff overlooking Honeymoon Island. His car breaks down; he has no lights and no way to get back to the road; but he can’t stay there!

With his usual carelessness, he lets a large branch crash into the windshield of his car, disabling it for several days. After finally getting his car fixed, he sets out on a trip with his friend Spot, who happens to be the local wildlife photographer. You can almost picture the two of them in the middle of a nature scene with their prize – a live stingray!

On their journey, they encounter a number of strange and fascinating things. They encounter a large crocodile (which is actually a poisonous snake) that attacks Pip and forces him to drop his camera. After being freed from the snake, Pip realizes that he has a talent for photography and decides to show his pictures to the local newspaper. The editor decides that it would be a good story and will feature it in the next issue. It just may be the beginning of quite an interesting adventure for Pip and his love interest, Coral.

Coral is not the type of girl you would normally see in a man’s life, even if it is his best friend. But when a freak accident occurs which forces Coral to travel with Pip and him to an island where she meets the owner of a dive shop, things quickly go from bad to worse. The owner threatens to throw Coral out if she does not take pictures of him doing a dive, and Coral is forced to comply.

I don’t want to give too much away, because the whole premise of this novel is that it is an exciting adventure story. However, I must warn you that it may not be for everyone. However, if you enjoy adventure, love birds and have a great sense of humor, then this book is a must read.