What to Look For When Purchasing a Double-Sided Grinder

A double-sided grinder is typically a solid, sturdy grinder with just two sides attached to the front of the machine. But a double-sided grinder also does come with some benefits. One of those benefits is the ability to simultaneously grind both sides of the piece at the same time.

Doublesided Grinder

Why would you want to do that? It allows for a quicker grinding time as the workpiece moves along the surface of the grinder, which in turn produces a more even and consistent grinding finish. The best way to describe it is as a “two-sided” jihad. For some applications a grinder like this will allow for extremely fast material manipulation while allowing workpieces to be held stationary for long periods of time.

Grinders like this are most often used on larger work pieces such as bowls or even big chunks. The two types of grinding wheels that are found on the typical double-sided grinder are either self-aligning or motorized. Self-aligning grinders are basically designed to move along a plane that aligns itself and then move in the opposite direction to continue the grinding operation. Motorized grinders tend to be less expensive and can even be used on smaller work pieces such as discs.

Typically, the type of grinding wheel that is found in a double-sided grinder will have either a chuck centered in the center or on both sides of the wheel. This provides for greater control during the grinding process. What makes it even better is that the wheels generally all have the same size and style of teeth. So, there is no need to manually adjust the teeth size in order to obtain uniform cuts. Another benefit of this type of grinder is that it produces uniform cuts with consistent pressure levels. uniform cuts.

One thing to consider when choosing a type of grinder is what type of cutting device that you want to use. Two types of cutting devices that are commonly found in two types of grinders are a band saw and a table saw. A band saw has a metal blade that rotates in a forward and back motion in order to cut through various materials. With the table saw, it uses a blade that spins in a counter-clockwise motion to cut. Because of their differences in how they operate, it is important to fully understand how each type of machine works before choosing which one to purchase.

When purchasing a new machine, it is also important to understand the difference between digital and analog controls. With a digital control, the operator uses a computer program to change the level of precision with each revolution of the saw’s blade. In an analog control, the operator utilizes knobs or levers to set the level of precision. When purchasing a new grinder, consider purchasing a model that uses a band saw and a table saw in conjunction with its digital control. This will allow the operator to control both types of workpieces simultaneously. This will ensure precision, accuracy, and high-precision performance from the new machine.