Automatic Band Saw – Types And Uses

An automatic band saw is a tool that cuts materials into various sizes and shape with consummate ease. This type of saw also comes in various forms, which are manual and automatic in nature. The main types of band saws used by most people are the vertical and horizontal ones. Amongst the two types, vertical is said to be more beneficial in terms of cutting.

automatic band saw

A vertical band saw blade (2) remains stationary and spins at an upright position while material is moved into the blade for cutting. This enables for complex angled cuts and circular shapes. However, the horizontal band saw also allows for relatively faster cutting speed as it has a constant cutting speed while the blades spin at a slower pace. These two saw types generally have the same functions with regards to cutting, however the level of accuracy of the cut varies on the type of machine.

Most of these horizontal bandsaws come with the option to switch between manual and automatic cutting speed. The option to adjust the cutting speed enables users to cut according to specific requirements. The depth of cut can also be adjusted manually or can be done automatically. Most of these machines use the latest technology and can easily adjust speed during operation. They can also handle materials that are difficult to cut through such as thicker gauges of wood.

Vertical band saw cutting machines are ideal for cutting curves, accurately curved shapes and for complex angled cuts. They can be used in a variety of circumstances where accuracy is important. These machines can also be used to perform surface adjustments in addition to curve and straightening cuts. Unlike fully-automatic band saws, fully-automatic horizontal band saws do not need any moving parts to shift their cutting position and can perform all tasks silently. They are ideal for home and small business operations as they are less expensive than their full-automatic counterparts and also consume less power.

Band saw cutting machines can be classified into horizontal band saws and vertical band saws. Although both these machines have the ability to cut through various materials, these are used for different purposes. In fact, some types of band saws are more suitable for cutting certain materials whereas other types are more suited for smooth cutting. Vertical band saws are ideal for cutting straight and curved shapes while horizontal band saws are suitable for cutting shapes. For complex curves, a horizontal blade will suffice but if accuracy is required then the vertical blade will be the best option.

Cylinder band saw cutting machine is designed to cut circular patterns with the help of a rotating cylinder that is attached to the front of the unit. The rotating cylinder is powered by a motor and can rotate at high speeds. This results in high efficiency and less manual labour employed. A Cylinder band saw also features an automatic blade clearing system and the blades can be adjusted according to one’s requirements. Most Cylinder saws feature high quality forged aluminum frames which provide a sturdy and robust construction.