What Are the Different Types of Band Saw Blades?

A band saw, also known as a belt-drive saw or a hack saw, is a basic type of power saw that uses either chains or belts to rotate at an angle while cutting. The band saw is most commonly used for detailed cutting in wood and other soft materials. Many woodworkers have at least one band saw in their own shop. The following are basic types of band saws and how they’re used.

The band saw cutting machine is the first and most basic type of woodworking equipment that you need in your shop. A power saw and a series of parallel band saws are used to cut wood in the woodworking machine shop. The power saws use a back and forth cutting action much like the one found in a regular hand saw. The powered band saws use a continuous band blade. While these saws are more easily used by a beginner, experienced woodworkers often use them to perform difficult cuts.

Another type of band saw in the woodworking machine shop is called the band sawing machine. This saw has metal feed lips on both the teeth and the blade that allow it to cut through various types of metals. Copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum are some metals that can be cut by this band saw.

A power hacksaw is another type of band saw found in woodworking shops. It has a stationary work platform that allows for vertical operation of the blade and depth of cut. A heavy-duty power hacksaw usually has a larger motor and more teeth than a standard woodworking machine. The workpieces that can be cut with a power hacksaw include routers, table saws, cabinet edges, door panels, crown moldings, angle grinders and veneers. Some people prefer to use these machines to cut out ornate patterns while others use them to simply make small cuts into hard materials.

Band saws can also come in a variety of styles depending upon how they are powered. Electricity operated machines are known as electric machines while gas powered ones are known as gas operated machines. Gas powered saws require a lighter gas to operate and generate less heat. Electric machines, however, generate enough heat to melt and cut through various materials depending upon the type of wire used and the electric motor’s voltage rating. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages depending upon your intended use.

With all of the available choices for band saws, you should be able to find a machine that meets your needs. You may even be able to customize your own saw. For instance, if you are a metalworker who prefers a saw with a more elaborate saw blade and larger diamond blade, then you may be able to find a saw with diamond plate or a steel blade. On the other hand, if you are a woodworker and do most of your cutting by hand, then you may be satisfied with a machine that has a small table saw and a few inch saw blades. Regardless of your intended purpose, choosing the right band saw for the job should be a fairly simple task.