The Different Parts of a Band Saw Machine

What Is Band Saw Machine? would define exactly a band saw, a rotating cutting machine with an extended, straight band of steel comprising a straight band of teeth cut out of sheet metal on the horizontal axis. This machine finds extensive use in woodworking, metalworking, and also lumbering and other applications. In fact, this is an important industrial equipment that is found in most workshops.

Band saws are of various types. The type that we are familiar with today was actually the forerunner of the more sophisticated machines that are still in use today. These devices were basically used for detailed metal cutting during the pre-power era of wood working. They used pulleys and levers to exert force along the length of the steel blade, which then cuts the material into the required dimensions.

The band saw machine has many merits. It is one machine that has been around for ages. There is a particular craftsmanship that is present in almost all types of models, as well as the equipment itself. They have a reputation of providing great service even when cutting tough materials, and they are perfect for precision work. Of course, with the advent of power supplies and related technologies, some band saw machines have lost their effectiveness in cutting tougher metals.

The band saw machine works on two principles. One is the principal of a sliding cutting wheel that has a set of teeth to be slid along a spindle. Secondly, there is the principle of the band saw blade having fixed cutting teeth that move in a circular pattern. The circular motion that these blades operate upon is provided by a crank and handle, which is moved by a pinion or spur.

A band saw machine uses two forms of power, namely, electrical and hydraulic. There is also the option of a cordless version. Cordless saw machines will require a rechargeable battery and can be used either indoors or outdoors, with the former being able to handle heavier weights. However, this type of machine will need to be connected to an electric source and will not have the same power and sharpness as an electric saw machine.

Most modern band saw machines will come with a programmable variable speed drive system. Variable speed drives use an electronic motor to change the cutting speed depending upon what is required at any given time. In order to use a variable speed drive, it must be connected to a power supply, which is usually done with the help of a cord. Band saws feature blades that have a cross-lips design to ensure accuracy, making them a valuable commodity in the woodworking industry.