Types of Grinding Surfaces

Surface Grinder

Types of Grinding Surfaces

Surface grinding is commonly used in the production of a very smooth and flat surface on flat objects. It is a commonly used grinding process where an oscillating grinding wheel is covered with abrasive particles that grind metal or nonmetal material from an object. Grinding wheels are used in industries where smooth surfaces are required for various purposes. It helps in increasing the efficiency of grinding operations, while reducing the wear and tear on the wheels.

The grinding wheels are attached to the surface of a machine in such a manner that it makes it possible for the operator to apply abrasive materials to the flat surfaces in the same way that they are applied to sheet steel. When the surface of the flat tool is hit by a tool, the grinding wheel will turn and produce a pattern of diamond-like protrusions along the surface of the object that causes it to be smooth or flat. This process is commonly used for polishing up other objects that are made of nonferrous materials like ceramics, cast aluminum, etc.

There are different types of grinding surfaces available for the surface grinder like the flat grinding surface, diamond grinding surface, abrasive grinding surface, and rotating grinding surface. All of them produce excellent results, but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The flat grinding surface is considered to be the cheapest but it is the most difficult to clean and is often subject to rusting.

Abrasive grinding surfaces are the cheapest of the grinding surfaces and they are also very simple to use. These grinding wheels are commonly found attached to the workpieces and can be attached either manually or electrically to provide the user with a complete rotating and abrasive grinding operation. However, this type of grinding wheel may damage other hardworking parts of the equipment and therefore it is not recommended to be used in areas where heavy wear and tear could occur due to heavy use. It is also not recommended to operate these grinding wheels when the tool must be mounted on the table, where it may get damaged due to the force exerted on it when it spins.

Rotary grinding surfaces are considered to be the best in terms of cost and efficiency. They are the most expensive in terms of the equipment and the best for using for very small areas.

The rotating grinding surfaces are available in many sizes and shapes and these are ideal for the job of grinding off intricate parts such as the outer edges or surface edges of metal pieces. While the flat grinding surfaces are generally preferred because they produce a very uniform surface, the diamond grinding surfaces are used in high volume jobs because of their precision and accuracy. In addition to these grinding surfaces, they are also used for grinding up to three sides of objects at the same time.