Choosing Your Band Saw

A band saw is a heavy duty power tool with a large blunt blade consisting of two to three toothed plates attached to two or more rollers by a chain. They’re often used primarily in woodworking, building, metalworking and lumbering, however can also cut other materials as well. Band saws come in many different sizes and power levels, depending on the specific use for them. Some are portable, while others need to be mounted onto a table or workbench. The type of band saw you choose will depend on the type of cutting job you’re trying to perform.

For example, if you’re doing work in wood, you’ll want a wide band saw. These have very large blades with thick teeth, which can rip up large logs and cut wood into manageable pieces. While they’re often used in the construction industry to make furniture and other items, they’re also frequently seen at home for carpentry projects, scrapbooking and other woodwork projects. You can usually find these types of band saws in many hardware or home improvement stores. If you’re purchasing one from an online source, it’s important to keep in mind that the size and strength of the blades will determine the overall cost of your purchase.

There are also many types of bandsaws that you can purchase separately, such as a table top, floor standing, mobile and portable. A table top band saw works best for general woodworking tasks since it has small blades that aren’t too sharp to damage the wood you’re cutting. Floor standing band saws are similar to their table-top cousins, except they have legs that go up higher, allowing you to work from longer distances.

Mobile band saws are excellent if you want to do repetitive cuts of varying sizes. Mobile bandsaws often come with wheels and other attachments, which allow you to move them to different work surfaces. Some models even have a rotating blade, which enables you to cut wood in a more even fashion. The only drawback to these models is that they tend to be expensive because of the additional features they come with.

Table top band saws on the other hand are ideal for smaller jobs. These models are generally less powerful than the aforementioned mobile or portable models, but they come equipped with long, strong, straight blades that provide the most cutting power. You can use them to easily cut small sections of wood into different shapes and sizes to create new shelves or tables.

Buying your first band saw shouldn’t be a chore. By finding the right model, you can save yourself a lot of time and money, making this hobby affordable and easy. If you have any questions about how to select the appropriate band saw for your specific needs, you can contact a local woodworker, home improvement store or other sources that specialize in home improvement.