How to Use an Automatic Band Saw

There are several varieties of the automatic band saw, but the basic operation is the same. The blade is moved up and down, in a vertical line. The shorter the length of the band of wood to be cut, the longer the blade needs to be. As the blade moves back and forth the saw passes over a piece of lumber, cutting it into pieces with the saw.

automatic band saw

There are different kinds of bandsaws, but the automatic band saw is typically the most commonly seen saw. The blades on the saws can be pre-set, and a guide can be set on the mill to help determine where the cuts will need to be made. There are other varieties of band saws, but for this article, we will concentrate on the automatic band saw.

When the blade is first adjusted, it should be of a size that will fit the band of lumber. This allows for the maximum amount of speed when cutting. The mill is pre-calibrated so that the blade setting will be in line with the distance between the blade and the center of the band.

Once the blade is in place, the next step is to adjust the blades as the band is moved up and down. It will be necessary to move the blade to allow the level of the band to change. Some people prefer the saw to be fixed so that the blade does not have to be adjusted.

There is a switch that is used to control the speed of the blade. It is necessary to make sure that the switch is turned on, and that the blade is in the up position. Turning the switch off and on will adjust the speed to whatever the user wants it to be. The next step is to make sure that the height of the band is correct, and that the blade is the proper size.

The blade should be adjusted so that the band is curved to the right. If the direction of the curve is off, it may cut beyond the side of the band. To keep the blade from being cut to pieces, the top of the band should be level with the top of the saw. With the saw in this position, the band will be a uniform width, and the wood should be cut to the required length.

To move from this position to the next, simply reset the blade. As the band continues to move up and down, the saw will automatically stop on a good distance in front of the band. Adjustments are then made until the entire width of the band is cut.

The person who is installing the saw should ask if this is the way the saw should be installed. The instructions should be followed, but adjustments can be made as needed. In some cases, there may need to be two adjustments for a straight cut.